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Buy cheap sigmat / calipers at wholesale prices from suppliers, distributors and importers with a selection of the best brands, most complete in Indonesia. Sigmat is a measuring tool that functions to measure a small size object to the size of one hundredth of a millimeter. Sigmat has several parts, including the main scale of its shape such as a ruler, a measuring rod of depth, nonius scale, upper jaw and lower fixed jaw and fixed upper jaw, all of which are parts of the sigmat that function together in measuring objects. For the need for procurement of measuring devices like the one you need above, you can directly search for and get it through procurement of goods directly from distributors from all over Indonesia.

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In accordance with its use Sigmat has become one of the measurement tools that are often used by technical workers both in workshops and mechanical factories. To get the accuracy and accuracy of the size of an object, you will definitely need the best measuring equipment to produce the right size. Well, if your company needs the best help from a complete selection of brands from all companies in Indonesia in Indotrading, you can directly request procurement of goods easily and quickly here

Calibration Brand Estimated Price
Mitutoyo Sigmat Digital 6 500-196-30 Rp. 1,750,000
Mitutoyo 530-104 Rp. 550,000
Kennedy Vernier Caliper 5inch / 130mm Rp. 1,100,000
Kenmaster 15cm Rp. 66,000

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