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Tabung Pemadam Co2 Gunnebo in Category Fire Extinguisher in Jakarta

Fire Extinguisher

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The Functional of Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers and functions can be classified according to the media and the possibility of fire risk, fire risk is not always the same contributing factors, each location will be equipped with a fire extinguisher be better assessed in advance, the risk of what will be the factors causing a fire. For example in a place flamable liquid such as a chemical laboratory, ideally using a fire extinguisher foam media.

Another example if in a place where there were lots of electronic circuits such as server rooms and electrical panel, then good fire extinguishers used fire extinguishers use carbon dioxide because the media does not leave residue and are not corrosive to the electrical appliance. This sort of thing is what should we look, do not let one determine the media in protecting the fire risk in general. So before deciding to buy a fire extinguisher we have to understand the type of fire extinguishers and functions.

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