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Dimsum in Jakarta

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Other Kitchen Appliances

SERVING STAND SQUAREBLS186 180 X 180 X 600BLS183 180 X 180 X 300BLS133 130 X 130 X 300Plate S/S SUS 201 Mirrors 1.0 mmWe serve a wide range of fabrication of stainless steel table to order and size at the specified customer:-Fabrication Table/Kitchen Set Of Equipment-Fabricated Cabinets Under Counters-Fabricated Cabinets File CabinetIn addition to

Seller :
PT. Artabaja Cakraperwita
Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
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Packaged Foods

Pt. Mertha Pembayun Is A Company That Produces Frozen Processed Seafood. For Our Products Such As Dim Sums:- Siomay- Dumpling / Swie Kiauw- Shinjo Shrimp- Hakao- Bakpao- Ekkado- Lumpia Udang- Spring Roll- Kani Roll- Dragon Ball- Ceker Ayam- Wonton SeafoodThe Basic Ingredients To Product Is A Mixture Of Shrimps Chickens Prepared From Quality Ingredi

Seller :
PT. Mertha Pembayun
Jakarta , Jakarta Barat

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