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Car Workshop is a business that is doing repairs on a damaged machine to be recovered in accordance with properly. In bengekl car also provides various accessories and spare parts needs a car to various car Janis.

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Sabusa Detailing Indonesia By Sabusa Detailing Indonesia

Sabusa Detailing Indonesia is a business engaged in the field of cleaner and detailing that provides products and vehicle maintenance services. Sabusa branded products are intended for car, motorcycle and helmet maintenance.Sabusa has three products, namely cleaning, protection and maintenance. We also provide microfiber cloths that are specifically for vehicles. Cleaners are used to clean mold and glass body crust, car interior cleaners, car engine cleaners and others.One of our flagship products is Waterspot & Crust Remover, which is a fungus and crust cleaning liquid that functions to clean mold on the glass, body and is able to lift the crust. The method of use is simply brushed and immediately wiped on the part you want to clean. Waterspot & Crust Remover enriched with Premium Polymer which serves to protect paint and keep the car's gloss clear. Its nature is not a scrub so it is safe for cars without eroding glass, paint or leaving beret.Sabusa is an authentic Indonesian product and is definitely safe in all types of vehicles both cars, motorbikes and also safe if used for helmet care.

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Pionir Jeep By PD. Pionir Jeep

Business profile We there is a Distributor of accessories and spare part which focuses on product spare parts original USA, we started our business Beginning of love to the world of off-road jeep and we intend to introduce the Jeep automotive in Indonesia, we started this business by positioning itself as a pioneer modification of the jeep and the jeep accessories center in Jakarta in 2012 under the name Pionir Jeep. Until now, we have had customers all over Indonesia and will keep the ambition to be the center of the jeep spare parts in Indonesia.Our Business Scope: -Sell Buy Accessories and spare part Original Jeep. -Receive Inden / Pre Order Products of America.warms Regards Pionir Jeep The Pionir of Authentic jeep spare parts and accessories

PD. Pionir Jeep


CHUNG SERVICE was founded in 1976 by Mr. Hendri Tjoeng, at which time it only serves the general service of various types / brands of cars. Over time, the workshop CHUNG SERVICE expand its business and expand its business area in the body repair with the paint oven quality one year warranty. In May 2002, a workshop CHUNG SERVICE has become one of the workshops Authorized KIA Mobil Indonesia serving parts, service and body repair. Followed in 2005, CHUNG SERVICE become one of the authorized car workshop PT. TC Subaru for West Jakarta. In 2007, CHUNG SERVICE passed as one of the certified emission test workshop of the department of Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD). In 2008, CHUNG SERVICE develop a scope of improvement for all types of Automatic Transmission, and the system uses Merimen as media filing a claim to some insurance. In 2013, a special part of the service cars service moved to Jalan KH. Mohammad Mansour No. 39, and received various types of car brands. Each month, held a workshop CHUNG SERVICE promo packages are different.


Bian Body Kit By UD. Bian Body Kit

Bianbodykit is a workshop that engages in particular in the field of automotive body repair, painting and bodykit car. with the passage of time along with the quality products of our workshop is also believed by renowned car manufacturers for the manufacture bodykit exhibited in the event IIMS and our workshop has also been covered, by a variety of online media, print and tv.


Richz Auto Designs (RAD) is a business that is based upon a love of personal (passion) we were on the activities of car modification to provide value-added of a car, especially in terms of style and appearance of the car (style) as well as comfort to the rider or owner of the car (comfort). We started this business through a workshop or workshops that we set up in arteries Kedoya, Long Road No. 16, West Jakarta where at the beginning of the business we did give priority to serve the installation and modification Headlamp and stop lamp and manufacturing services license plate engraving for different brands and types of luxury cars , so we are very concerned about the quality of materials and the works which we categorize the premium standard. Visit Richz workshop Auto Design in Kedoya Artery Long Road West Jakarta Thanks to the hard work and commitment in providing the best service since 2008, we began to gain the trust of a wide range of our premium customers who come not only from Jakarta but also from various regions in Indonesia. As a service modifications, particularly the modification and installation projector angel eyes and evil eyes custom and manufacture of license plate engraving exclusive, we have handled many types of cars belonging to our customers, call it kind of cars like the all new jazz, CRV, innova, grand fortuner, mazda CX5, Freed, Yaris, swift, livina, outlander, etc. Following the development of the business and to provide maximum service car modification according to customer request, this time we also provide, sell equipment and other car accessories are still in touch with the service modification to give the appearance of luxury and elegance to your car, including the services of installation, such as installation of audio car system, carpet exterior and interior comfort to other cars. Through our website, you can learn fully what services can be found in RAD, and if you please, and want to upgrade the appearance of your favorite car, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.