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Laser Engraving is a type of laser to be able to scrape and carve a surface on the material. But this laser cannot create its own colors. It can only cause scars such as burnt color. Usually the materials that require this laser tool are wood, leather and MDF. Well, if you are in need of a laser engraver, find all the popular brands in with qualified quality and an official guarantee guarantee.

Laser Engraving Machine


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The advantages of Laser Engraver Tools

Laser cutting engraving machine has a role to implement all creative product making such as souvenirs or displays made from acrylic, glass, wood, synthetic leather. This laser relies on plasma light to be able to scratch, carve, cut and create any desired shape. For the engraving stages, usually the laser only requires a small power capacity. However, when used for cutting, this tool certainly requires a large enough power capacity. The following is a detailed review of the functions of laser engraving:

1. Scratching (Marking): Laser light will damage the surface of the material so that it leaves a mark in the form of a scratch.

2. Gravir (Engraving): Laser light will scratch the surface of the material with different depths and create certain images or motifs.

3. Perforating / Punching / Cutting: Laser light can perforate the material to the desired size.

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