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Computer Embroidery Machine

Brother Mesin Bordir Komputer in Category Computer Embroidery Machine in DKI Jakarta

Embroidery machine is one type of machine used in the textile industry. One type of embroidery machine is a computer embroidery machine. The computer embroidery machine is an embroidery machine with the latest technology for high-speed embroidery. Computer embroidery machines consist of many sizes from single head, 6 head, 12 head to 20 head. The head in question is that in one embroidery work, the embroidery machine can do as many embroidery as the number of heads. The computer embroidery machine can be used to embroider jeans, bags, mukena, t-shirts, or clothes with a max embroidery size, etc. By using a computer embroidery machine, many variations can be produced.

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