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The technology is very, very helpful man in any case, the technology come into our world with the role to facilitate the work of man. In the household was not spared from the brunt of the technology. Previously, if a guest comes to a home, a sign that the guests arrive is by tapping Doorbell the house. Sometimes if the residents are busy or behind the house may not be woken Doorbell hear the guests. Bel Bel Door exists to solve these challenges, distinctive voice and certainly faster than the volume of the sound of knocking Doorbell make sure residents heard. Bel Doorbell other than to indicate their guests, the doorbell Doorbell can also add an element of distinctiveness of a home in terms of both design and sound the buzzer Doorbell.

Door Bells

Bel Shop
The shop bell is a kind of doorbell that is used to call the shopkeeper. This product

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PT. Jaya Listrik Sukses
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Door Bells

antique doorbell We are engaged in brass-based handicrafts that make various types of items such as

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PT. Ningrat Abimayu Selaras
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan
Door Bells

Description Alu Bell (S)
8 cm x 7 cm.
Weight: 1.3
Qty: 16

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PT Berkat Sukses (Rantai Hujan)
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat

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