Industrial Cleaning And Household Chemicals

Product Specification Industrial Cleaning And Household Chemicals

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Industrial Cleaning And Household Chemicals

Our company provides chemicals such as heavy duty cleaner, rust remover, scale remover, multipurpose cleaner for industrial use.
And other cleaning chemicals for general needs such as carbol, glass cleaner, aluminum cleaner, floor cleaner etc.
There are also other chemicals such as tire polish, car shampoo. For restaurants and cafes available dishwasing soap, handsoap, floorcleaner, cleaning powder, etc. We also provide other Water Treatment equipment.

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Filter Air Bersih, Filter Air Minum, Depo Air Minum Dan Perlengkapan, Sistem Reserve Osmosis , Bahan Kimia Umum Dan Bahan Kimia Khusus Treatment Air
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Filter Air Minum,Filter Air Bersih,Bahan Kimia Pembersih,Sistem Reserve Osmosis,Bahan Kimia Khusus Treatment Air dan kolam renang,Karbon Aktif
Company profile
Our company established since 2004, with the name cv Berdikari Niaga Kencana, we initially focus on the distribution of general chemicals and cleaning chemicals. Since 2009 we have developed water filter business for household scale and small and medium industry.Currently our business can be grouped into 2 (two) business sectors as follows:1. INSTALLATION OF WATER FILTER AND PROVIDING THE SPAREPART In the field of water filters we provide services in the installation of clean water and drinking water filters. all water filter supplies are available in our company from filter tubes, purifying media, reverse osmosis water systems, ultravioler standard filtration systems, ultrafiltration systems, various 10 ", 20", 30 "and 40" filter cartridges. various spare parts of water purification systems, including transfer pumps and dyed pumps.We always provide ready stock for various filtering media such as activated carbon, silica sand, manganese greendsand, ion exchange resin etc.The stock of specialty water purification chemicals is also always available in our company like PAC, TCCA, Tawas, chlorine etc.Customer / customer in our company have enough of the customer household, small and medium industry, shopping mall, café and restaurant, hospital, food and beverage industry etc .. Most of our customers around jabodetabek area, there are some outside the city, such as in Cikampek, Cirebon, Subang, Lampung, Maluku and Belitung2. GENERAL CHEMICALS AND MATERIALS CLEANERS (CLEANERS) In the field of general chemicals retail and wholesale, our company has sufficient experience, especially in the field of basic ingredients of making soap, materials fiber glass maker, water purifier, swimming pool chemicals etc.In addition to common chemicals we also provide cleaning type chemicals, can be grouped into two: - Household cleaning materials Such as floor cleaner, handsoap, dishwashing soap, glasscleaner, carbol etc. - Industrial cleaning agents Such as fat cleansers, crust cleaners, rust cleaners etc.
Menjadi perusahaan yang handal dan terpercaya khususnya dalam bidang Water Treatment dan filter air
Selalu berinovasi, untuk mencapai posisi terdepan & dapat dipercaya, dengan orientasi konsisten terhadap kepuasan pelanggan

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