Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

Selling the best price hardness tester tool from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a hardness tester with the latest price that serves as a hardness test or hardness test is one way to determine the strength or durability of a material. Hard test is the most effective test because it can easily find out the description of the mechanical properties of a material. Although the measurement is only done at one particular point or area. Hardness tester can also be used as one method to determine the effect of heat treatment and cold treatment of material. Material that has experienced cold working, hot working, and heat treatment, can be seen a description of changes in strength, by measuring the surface hardness of a material. Therefore, with hard tests we can easily carry out quality control of the material.


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Hardness Test Method

1. Brinell

This method is used most often. The purpose of this method is to determine how hard an object through the stage of the identor (steel ball) is pressed on the surface of the object being tested. However, testing with this method can only be used for objects that have rough surfaces with a vulnerable strength of 500 to 3000 kgf. While the identor (steel ball) is an object made of tungsten carbide which has been plating and hardened.

2. Rockwell

The Rockwell method is a method of hardness of an object that can be determined based on the net increase of the applied load depth. The data generated is not a unit number, but is given in the form of scales such as R, L, M, K and E, the higher the scale of the object, the harder the object will be.

3. Vikers

Measurement with this method is usually called the microhardness method, because this method is often used for small and thin objects. This method is carried out based on optical measurements, by determining the identifier load range, with the intention of making a notch on the material being measured and then converted to a hardness value. This method is very useful when tested on a wider body, but the test sample must be polished for screen size.

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