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    Advertising Agency

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    KOMPASTV Network Building, Palmerah Selatan No.1 Jakarta 10270, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Trafo 200 Kva
  • Date Posted: Mar 03 , 2017
  • Time Left: Apr 02, 2017
  • Quantity Required:

Kami Membutuhkan Trafo 200 Kva. Merk Bebas. Kebutuhan 1 Unit. Mohon Referensikan Merk Terbaik Serta Informasikan Spesifikasi, Harga Dan Ongkos Kirim Ke Deli Serdang. Terimakasih

  • Availibility: 2
Connector Canare
  • Date Posted: Mar 18 , 2017
  • Time Left: Apr 17, 2017
  • Quantity Required:

Saya Membutuhlan Connector Dengan Spesifikasi Sbb :1. F Connector 7C : 30 Unit 2. F Connector Type Compress : 100 Unit 3. N Connector Amptenol : 30 Unit 4. Join F Connector : 50 Unit 5. Bnc Connector : 50 Unit 6. F Female To Antena : 30 Unit 7. Bnc Female To N : 30 Unit 8. Bnc Female To Sma : 30 Unit 9. F Female To Sma : 30 Unit 10. F Female To Bnc : 30 UnitMerk Canare Atau Merk Lain Yang Bag...

  • Availibility: 0
  • Date Posted: Mar 20 , 2017
  • Time Left: Apr 17, 2017
  • Quantity Required:

Saya Membutuhlan Splitter Dengan Spesifikasi Sbb :1. Splitter 2 Way : 5 Unit 2. Splitter 4 Way : 5 UnitMerk Canare Atau Merk Lain Yang Bagus. Mohon Informasikan Spesifikasi Berbagai Connector, Harga Dan Ongkos Kirim Ke Palmerah, Jakarta Barat. Terimakasih

  • Availibility: 3

PT. Gramedia Media Nusantara (Kompas Tv)

The media industry is undergoing many changes in the last decade. The changes pose a challenge but an opportunity for Kompas Gramedia. Kompas Gramedia experience over 50 years has become valuable for our demands to be able to adapt and manage any changes.

Media and technology will be important in the development of alloys further media. Television and digital media will increasingly play an important role in society. Kompas Gramedia well aware of this changing trend and strengthen its presence in television and digital media. Address community needs for information through the medium of television, we present KompasTV as television news.

It is a commitment to continue the ideals of the founders of Kompas Gramedia to continue to support and build the peoples of Indonesia. Together with our media that has already developed in the community, we believe KompasTV will also be a selection of leading media community. The support and cooperation of all parties so we expect to be the key to success KompasTV in Indonesia.

Began in September 2011. Prime in 9 major cities, until now KompasTV has enjoyed more than 100 cities in Indonesia with excellent quality. This trip shows the commitment to become a leading media KompasTV innovative, creative, and inspiring not only presents actual information, but also the quality.

We are aware that information technology advances so rapidly greater impact on the behavior of the Indonesian people, especially for lovers of the glass screen and KompasTV. Answering this challenge, we present to greet loyal viewers in digital form on a variety of platforms ranging from pay-TV with high definition quality, free streaming, to be in the forefront in various social media.

Growth in KompasTV followers in social media increased to 700%, then there is little discussion on the program and KompasTV a trending topic in Indonesia and even the world. We continue to develop KompasTV broadcast networks throughout Indonesia. This is all to provide the best for the nation as well be in the forefront in the Republic of Indonesia. Is committed KompasTV be reliable media to provide the best for you, because KompasTV, Television News and Inspiration Indonesia.

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