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Surabaya, Jawa Timur
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Genset Solar Airman - Sdg150s - 3A6

Genset Solar Airman - Sdg150s - 3A6Genset Solar Airman - Sdg150s - 3A6

02 May 2023
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Company Profile
Establishment Year
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
Number of employees
400 People
Company Field
Kompresor, Alat Laboratorium, Genset, Compressed Air System, Peralatan Tambang
We Sell
Portable Compressor, Generator Set, Alat Pertambangan, Peralatan Industri, Pompa Industri, Mikroskop Laboratorium
Starting as a General Importer back in early 1973, PT FAJAR MAS MURNI (FMM) has turned the pages of its history. On May 11, 1978 the activities were consolidated and stepped-up. The main activity become representing national and international well-known manufacturers mainly as their exclusive distributor for the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. FMM as it is generally known, is an Indonesian limited liability company. Within a relatively short period of time, FMM’s sphere of endeavour’s has steadily grown and FMM is now well established as a major supplier of various types of essential equipment and materials used to support development in almost all sectors of the Indonesian economy. FMM provides complete professional services to its customers throughout Indonesia: Further, the Company is also committed to maintain the highest standards for the Safety and Health of all Company employees and to prevent pollution of the environment. The Company will conduct all activities with appropriate safeguards against exposure of the general public to risk against their safety and health. The Company will observe all applicable environmental, health, hazardous material transportation, safety and product safety laws and regulations in order to minimize the impact to the environmental pollution.
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PT Fajar Mas Murni Surabaya
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