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PT Dunia Mega Raya

Tangerang, Banten
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Plastik Ldpe Polybag

Plastik Ldpe PolybagPlastik Ldpe Polybag

Rp 24.750
02 May 2023
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Company Profile
Establishment Year
Tangerang, Banten
Number of employees
180 People
Company Field
plastik, Plastic String, Tali Klam, Kantung Sampah, Plastik LLDPE
We Sell
HDPE shopping bags, HDPE fruit bag on a roll, HDPE garbage, LLDPE / LDPE plastic bag, PP plastic strings, PP straping band
Established in 1976, PT. Dunia Mega Raya is a private-owned company specializing in manufacturing various kinds of plastic packaging goods. With 40 over years of experience, we exist to serve and produce plastic bags according to consumers’ needs. PT. Dunia Mega Raya has become a well-known manufacturer in producing only high quality plastic packaging goods. We do precision quantity, constant thickness, durable quality and sturdy strength.. Needless to say, our plastics have passed all the necessary tests requirements, such as strength, tensile, food safe in many developed western countries. Thus, we have gained trusts from their government to supports in supplying high-quality bags throughout the whole nation in some European countries. At the same time, we supply food packaging bags as well as garbage bags for multi-national food chain store.
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