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CV. Dempo Mandiri Tehnik

Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
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Ready Mix Beton Admixture

Ready Mix Concrete AdmixtureReady Mix Concrete Admixture

02 May 2023
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Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
Number of employees
5 People
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We Sell
Waterproofing, Injeksi Grouting, Injeksi Beton, Injeksi Beton Bocor, Waterproofing membrane bakar, waterproofing jakarta
Cv. Dempo Mandiri Teknik is a business group that provides waterproofing and grouting services to address the problem of leakage in the building / construction, etc. For that we will provide an explanation of Water Proofing and grouting in general. This we say because leaks are a common pemasalahan in a multi-storey buildings, especially buildings. Which result from the above-mentioned leakage affects the cost or schedule execution of the building. Often we see even when using products Water Proofing or grouting but still leak, failure or grouting water proofing and this can be caused several things, among others: a. Selection Type Water Proofing / grouting materials are mistaken. b. Working methods are wrong. c. Aplikatornya The Cheaters and sloppy. d. In the selection of materials does not pay attention to quality. For further can be contacted: Jl. Dharma Wanita V No. 11 Rawabuaya Cengkareng, West Jakarta 11740 Tel / Fax 021 5455309, HP. 0812 936 0279, 0877 8210 1228 email: dempomandiriteknik@yahoo.com
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CV. Dempo Mandiri Tehnik
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