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Indonesia Car Wipers Suppliers and Manufacturers

Below are the list of companies that supply Car Wipers for Indonesia region. This List is updated on daily basis.

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Car wiper is a component that is used to clean the windshield when the windshield or rear of the car is blocked by rain or dust. With this car wiper, it can make it easier for car drivers to clean the car windshield automatically, especially when it's constrained in rainy or foggy conditions. Not only that, now the rear wiper of the car is also a mandatory component of the car.

Mentari Megah Perkasa
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Mentari Megah Perkasa Is A Company That Is Specialized In Distributing Good Quality Products. We Were Established In 2003 And Since That We Already Expand Our Coverage Area With Significant Growth In Our Service For Mining, Oil And Gas In Kalimantan With Some Of It Provided With Contracts.We Supply All Of Our Distributorship Products To Heavy Duty Equipment, Plantation, Power Plant, Restaurant, Office Building, Lodging And Many Others Industries. We Also Provide Some Contract With Some Big C...


Jln. Manunggal No. 95 , Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia

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Car Wipers Bosch, Crc, Kimberly Clark Profesional, Cromwell, Safety Jogger, 3M
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How to take care of the wipers on the car

The use of car wipers is very important, because it can make it easier for vehicle users to pass and see the road during high rainfall. Driving in these conditions is certainly dangerous, because visibility is limited due to heavy rain. In order to stay safe while driving, you must take good care of your car wipers so that they can function optimally. To make it easier for you to know how to care for wipers on a car, here's how.

1. Be Careful When Washing Car Wipers

When washing the windshield wipers, make sure not to rinse the wiper rubber with car wash soap. You simply flush with clean water and do not wipe the rubber surface.

2. Maintain the Elasticity of Car Wiper Rubber

The rubber part is the part that serves to block rainwater from covering the windshield. Therefore, you must maintain the elasticity of the rubber on the car wipers by not parking the car too often in hot places because this will have an impact on the rubber.

3. Refill fluid on the Wiper Regularly

In order for your car wipers to work properly, make sure the wiper fluid is maintained. In this case, please note that modern car wipers that are widely used today are equipped with cleaning fluid that makes the wiper performance more leverage.

4. Keep the Car Wiper Clean

Car windshield wipers that are not clean with some fine particles stuck in the rubber can cause stains to appear on the glass. But don't worry, the way to fix this is by wetting the chamois or a clean cloth using a little alcohol and rubbing it into the rubber part of the wiper to clean it.