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Baterai Rechargeable NiCd Powercraft ECS -

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Product Specification Baterai Rechargeable NiCd Powercraft ECS

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 Rechargeable NiCd Powercraft ECS

Suitable for T5, T8, CFL and 2D Flourescent lamps

low standby power consumption <4.5W

protection -circuit short of battery terminals

IC controlled double charge charging.

Battery Charge Powercraft Specifications:

Model Number: ECS

Mode of operation: Maintained / Non-Maintained

Lamp type: T5, T8, 4 pin CFL and 2D Flourescent lamp

Duration is rated: 1 hour / 2 hours / 3 hours

Supply voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz

Supply current: 20 - 35mA

Power consumption: <4.5watt

drip charge: 80mA

Battery Charger: Double Level

Battery Charging Time: <24 hours

Battery Protection: Low battery Voltage cut-off (Prevent battery discharge)

Battery type: High temperature Nickel cadmium

Charger Monitor: LED.

Casing Construction: Electro - galvanized steel.

Max Casing temperature: 70 ° C

Standard approval: IEC 61347-2-7 (SS 490-2-7), SS 563.

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Company Detail
Company field
Indoor Interior LED Product , Lampu Induksi Highbay, Lampu Sorot Induksi, Bohlam Lampu, Ballast Driver
Number of employees
We sell
Lampu Induksi,Lampu Sorot,Lampu Led,Lampu Jalan PJU,Lampu Industri,Lampu LVD
Company profile
PT. Clear Energy was established in Singapore in 2008 and in 2011 PT. Clear Energy is established in Indonesia which is a Joint Venture Company Between Singapore and Indonesia, 2012 Clear Energy Develops Various LED Products and Induction Lamps in collaboration with Dongguan Huashen Zhanhong Electronic Technology Co. and in 2013 until now PT Clear Energy joins Dongguan Ledneo-Lighting Co.Ltd & Surplus Technology Co., To Develop Brand "Clear Energy".
we are a company established to promote environmentally friendly technology with lighting from Induction and LED lamps, our professional team aims to offer the best to society in general by using renewable energy product in order to increase productivity and cost saving

Our Vision
Promoting environmentally friendly technologies and hoping to change the mindset and encourage widespread use of renewable energy,
Our mission
By switching to low-energy lighting, the use of induction lamps for industrial use (Factory, Warehouse) and Public Street Lighting, or the use of LED lights in your home or business premises indirectly participates in preserving the environment.

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