Grounding Clamp

Grounding Clamp

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The grounding system functions to deliver electric current directly to the ground or to the earth when there is an electric voltage. This voltage arises due to failure of insulation from the electrical system. Grounding system installation using a grounding clamp is used to connect the rod to the grounding cable.

The function of the clamp grounding as protection of electronic equipment that is electrified can prevent electric shock during voltage leakage. With this tool, you as a user will be safe from the danger of being electrocuted.

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Benefits of Using Grounding Clamp

Grounding Clamp is a very important component used to avoid being electrocuted. Clamp is used for every electrical component made of metal or conductor which conducts electricity. Tools that do not use this system are small and non-metal bodies such as lights, cell phone chargers and others.

Clamp Grounding functions that are close to everyday life include electrical sockets, water pumps, irons, refrigerators, computers and others. This tool is found on electronic devices that are not connected to any part because it functions as a neutralizer, terminal phase and ground. Another function of the clamp is that it can be used for lightning rods, with a large electric current system so that it is different from the type for home appliances. For example, a grounding root clamp that connects rot and BC cable to the lightning rod grounding system.

The material used as forming material for clamp grounding is copper, copper mixed brass and brass. The available sizes are also very diverse with relatively affordable prices. Providers Grounding Clamp with Quality Affordable Prices from the Hands of a Trusted Supplier and Distributor

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