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Status Pajak: Non PKP
Verified Supplier
Response Rate: 50%
Nilai ini menunjukan seberapa cepat penjual menanggapi pesan, melakukan diskusi, dan mengirim penawaran.
Jl gunung sahari raya no 1. mangga dua square lantai UG blok B no P2 P3, dekat lotus refleksi
DKI Jakarta DKI Jakarta
Establishment Year
Number of employees
4 People
Company Field
Subwofer Speaker 18", Pa Speaker 12 10 8 Inch, Pa Equipment,Efek Vokal, Crossover, Compressor, Audio Distributor, Pa Compression Driver Tweter, Pa Power Amplifier Profesional Audio
We Sell
speaker,box speaker,sound system,subwofer,power amplifier
Speaker 15 Inch Peavey Pro Rider Body Kaleng Vc 3 Inch Tipe Dm1500
Rp 500.000
03 Jul 2020
Min Order

Company Profile

Beware of fraud with the use of the name CIPTA SONIC JAYA or our Address as the basis of fraud to ask for money. A valid bank account is used ie on behalf of DAVID to be shared with SMS order details using valid HP noWith a valid account: 1. BCA 5000438xxx in the name of DAVID 2. MANDIRI 115000583xxxx on behalf of DAVIDCIPTA SONIC JAYA This company has more than 30 years operating in running its business that is engaged in the sound system. Sound system includes pro audio, car audio, and home audio. Audio sales include: swallow speaker, amplifier, mixer, equalizer, crossover, vocal effect, hardcase, silencer, speaker box, loudspeaker for car, house and outdoor. Sales are made in Wholesale and Retail. The brands sold are DBX, YAMAHA, PEAVEY, SOUNDCRAFT, DOD, ALLEN HEATH, ACR, AUDAX, BLACKSPIDER, PANASONIC, TOTO SOUND, ONYX, ADS, SOUNDLAB, BEHRINGER, REVOX, FOSTEX, TANGO, JORDAN, PROTECH, CANNON, AUDAX , EMINENCE, HUPER, AND OTHERS.The price is very varied and economical. All the speakers sold are made in Indonesia, China and Taiwan. Any information that is contained either Product, Image or Price sometimes not Update because electronic goods always evolve to follow the times.The price list here is temporary and may change at any time. Price list here can be a reference in shopping but the price of the deal / deal that happens / has happened is absolute so it can not dikomplain.Ask for more detailed info if there is anything less clear about the product and its price. For customers from outside jakarta the process of delivery of goods can be done through the delivery of goods (expedition) subscription (REFERENSI) or bundled from Cipta Sonic Jaya with expenses expedition Subscription Cipta Sonic Jaya. Besides speakers, we also sell box / speaker box, Equipment, speaker bracket, speaker stand, and other accesories.In addition, decades of experience ensures you in terms of delivering goods and maintaining quality to repair damaged speakers. Damage in question covers any damage to your speakers such as ngeresek (sember), abnormal symptoms, tears, even in a dead condition though. Subscriptions are already widespread in remote areas of Indonesia. Make sure your business will be smooth and can establish good cooperation with Cipta Sonic Jaya. For the needs of acoustic room (damping specialist), especially school, karaoke room, discotheque, music studio, sy also provide various silencer materials according to your needs and desires.Contact me or come directly to my address to get more info. HOW TO ORDER: 1. SMS your order details along with the address (your city) and your name 2. sms you will reply in the form of price and shipping details 3. no account will be sent together with your order details 4. total cost already transferred please immediately CONFIRMED via sms / telp to my no 5. after the money is received, the order can be shipped via your partner's expedition or via my expedition. 6. You will receive confirmation of the delivery of goods along with the address and phone no expedition complete on the day of H or the next day.SMS your order to my mobile number with details filled with order amount and type of goods, then wait order details from me, if already received please check carefully. If suitable you can transfer funds agreed to no account will be given. After the transfer please confirm to my phone after transfer, so that the goods immediately sent. You can request a receipt number if you have not heard from me.CIPTA SONIC JAYA is one of MERCHANT Bank BCA and Bank MANDIRI. Where the merchant of Bank BCA / MANDIRI is a validated company in terms of Location, performance, and financial reputation that has been surveyed by Bank through SIUP and TDP. So the buyer's trust level will increase and ease in payment of electronic equipment either through DEBIT BCA, BCA CARD, MANDIRI CARD, DEBIT MANDIRI or OTHER CREDIT CARDS.So for out-of-town customers who want to shop do not have to carry much cash for our customer's security reasons. Thank you for your trust with sonic cipta. We will keep your trust well. Operational Office: Open Monday - Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm WEEK END. First Day Confirm first.