Durometer Shore C Kekerasan Tester Ukur Kekerasan Bahan Foam Sponge

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Product Specification Durometer Shore C Kekerasan Tester Ukur Kekerasan Bahan Foam Sponge

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Shore scale measuring instrument. Usually called Durometer Hardness Tester

There are 3 types:
Shore A for measuring non-hard materials such as rubber, leather and wax.
Shore C for measuring foam, sponge
Shore D for measuring harder materials such as ebonite, hard resin, acrylic, glass, printing plates and fiber

NOTE: Products on this page are Shore C. If you need Shore A or D check in our list of other products

Durometer Hardness Test
Durometer is an instrument that is usually used to measure indentation of rubber / elastomers and soft plastics such as polyolefins, fluoropolymers and vinyl. The Durometer only uses a calibrated spring to apply special pressure to the indentor foot. The indentor foot can be cone or ball. The indicator measures the depth of indentation. Durometer is available in various models and the most popular testers are Model A, which is used to measure softer materials and Model D for harder materials.


With a clear LCD screen for easy reading
Compact pocket size to carry
Wide measurement range with high resolution
Resolution of 0.5HC
Easy to store with a plastic box
Button battery included
Perfect for foam, sponges
The main function:

On / off button: turn it on and off
Key H: hold reading
Zero function: reset reading

Range: 0-100HC
Resolution: 0.5HC
Accuracy: no more than 1%
Power: 1.5 cells
Working temperature: 0-40

Package contents:

1x Digital shore C hardness durometer
1x plastic box with foam

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