Product Specification Reaction Tubes Laboratory Equipment

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Reaction Tubes Laboratory Equipment

The reaction tube is a tube made of a kind of glass or plastic that can withstand changes in temperature and is resistant to chemical reactions.Reaction Tubes are equipped with a lid and some are unscathed.Consisting of various sizes depending on needs.The reaction tube is also called Test Tube or Culture tube.Culture Tube is a lipless test tube which is usually used for breeding microorganisms in a liquid medium.For diameter, the test tube is larger than the durham tube.Function:As a place for reacting chemicals
To carry out chemical reactions on a small scale
As a place for microbial breeding in liquid media
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Tabung Reaksi
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Alat Uji,Alat Laboratorium,IPAL,Alat Keselamatan,Water Treatment
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PT Cakrawala Bima Instrument is a company engaged in service services and distributors of workplace and environmental health monitoring tools, WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant), and queue machines. We have experience in the technical, regulatory and management fields, as a customer service project support. Honesty and integrity are the core philosophy of our business, and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.Established in 2016, with a team consisting of various multi-disciplines, have aspirations of building a company of integrity and can create instruments. Environmental testing equipment / work environment monitoring and information technology system based solutions. With the experience of a team of more than 10 years in the field of laboratory / instrumentation and information systems, the development of promoting local products does not exclude the latest technology as a supporter, producing equipment that is more efficient and easier for users to test or monitor environmental conditions.

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