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    Jl. Siswamiharja No. 40 Purwodadi, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

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Deposit Safety Box
  • Date Posted: Feb 17 , 2017
  • Time Left: Mar 31, 2017
  • Quantity Required: 18 Unit

Kami Membutuhkan Deposit Safety Box Ukuran 5" X 10". Merk Bebas. Kebutuhan 18 Unit. Mohon Informasikan Spesifikasi, Harga Dan Ongkos Kirim Ke Purwodadi. Terimakasih

  • Availibility: 1

PT. Bpr Bkk Purwodadi

PD. BPR BKK PURWODADI before becoming BPR (Rural Bank) is a financial institution non bank named Credit Agency Subdistrict (BKK), established in 1970 in which the economic conditions at that time can be said to be a concern, and the public in general lack the capital to its business activities , While the financial institutions that exist are generally located in cities far from the reach of people who mostly live in rural areas.

On October 8, 1991, the District Purwodadi Credit Institutions approved by the Minister of Finance KEP-346 / KM.13 / 1991 as rural banks (BPR) for the purpose of capitalization closer to communities in need in Grobogan and as a contributor to revenue (PAD ).

In conducting its business PD. BPR BKK in Grobogan as much as 18 BKK, a separate unti with one another so that competition among BKK often occur in providing services to customers. With these considerations PD. BPR BKK in Grobogan merger or merger.