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Selling Rope Per Meter Low Prices

Buy a variety of various prices per meter the cheapest wholesale of the best brands from suppliers, importers and distributors of plastic / raffia ropes, nylon, karmantel, webbing, strapping, mining and others the most complete, cheapest and largest in Indonesia. Rope is a long string of fibers made from various materials that work to tie, pull, trap, tie, hang, etc. Etymologically, rigging can be interpreted as anything related to the function and use of a rope. You can use a variety of rope functions for various needs of stores, businesses or factories and industries that you have for example strapping straps you use to package boxes, webbing straps you use to tie the cargo of production goods that will be transported by expedition trucks to supply production goods you to the destination. There are not a lot of rope functions that you can use, so what are you waiting for? Submit your purchase request now to get the best and lowest price for all types of straps that you want to buy right now in


Strapping band is packing straps are also widely used in industry, for example the textile industry

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Rope Prices from Suppliers in Indotrading

Get a variety of information on the cheapest and best rope prices from all types of wholesale and retail sellers that you can compare all offers through RFQ, all types of your purchase requests will be processed by all company suppliers / distributors and importers in according to the order that you submit. In addition to price comparison or price reference, you can immediately see the estimated price of various ropes as below:

Webbing Orange Color L 3.8cm T 1.2mm Per Meter Rp. 47,000
Rafia / Rafiah 25 Kg Rp. 337,000
Rafia 1 Bal contains 50 Roll Rp. 100,000
Manila Mine Diameter 12mm Per Meter Rp. 11,500
Plastic Mines Diameter 8mm Per Meter Rp. 5,000
Nylon Mine Diameter 14mm Per Meter Rp. 10,000

Choose Distributor of Rope Goods and Various Other Ropes in

If you already get a variety of offers from various distributors, you can get tens to hundreds of offers that you can receive, then compare all offers for string prices, specifications and types. Which are the most suitable distributors or suppliers and importers that you can make partners to provide all your string needs for your company. You can choose based on, for example, those who sell the cheapest prices or choose distributors who can provide various types of complete straps that are not only the type but complete brands. Because of course all your consumers will also look for price comparisons as well as quality, brands and other types of straps.

Function / Use of Various Straps in Industry

There are many types of various ropes that you can use for various industrial fields in the production, packaging and shipping of goods to be distributed to various companies, shops and all sellers throughout Indonesia. Here are various types of straps based on their function:

Raffia cord The type of rope we most often see is anywhere that is used for various functions to handle any type of item.
Rope hooks This rope is often used for various functions, which are used to tie the ends of plastic tarpaulins or tents and others.
Strapping straps Strapping is a flat-shaped rope, specifically used to tow heavy-duty cardboard boxes.
Webbing straps This is a type of rope made of fabric / yarn that is often used to tow various large items in expedition trucks.
karmantel rope Works for body harness straps, which are made of materials such as webbing straps, but are round like mine.

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