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Switching Power Supply

Switching Power Supply Mean Well brand in Bogor

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Switching Power Supply is one type of Power Supply that functions to combine switching regulators in changing electrical power to be efficient. This Power Supply goes through the stages of transferring power from a DC or AC source to a DC load. Power Supply directly delivers & filters the voltage from the AC to generate DC voltage. Then, the DC voltage is diverted from ON to OFF with high frequency so that it can produce AC current which can be through a High Frequency Transformer. There are lots of models and specifications of Switching Power Supply Mean Well brand that you can find online through distributors, importers or suppliers available in Indotrading.


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Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of using Switching Power Supply

Power Supply or in Indonesian known as a power supply is an electric device that is able to create electrical energy for electrical devices and various other types of electronics. In general, the Power Supply itself is divided into 3 groups, namely Regulated Power Supply; a device that is able to maintain stability in the electrical voltage despite changes in the power source. Then there is the Unregulated Power Supply; a device that can create a voltage or electric current that changes depending on the main electricity source. The last is Adjustable Power Supply; one of the Power Supply devices where the current can be adjusted as needed using a mechanical knob.Of the three Power Supply groups, there are also several types of classifications that are currently often used, one of which is Switching Power Supply. Like other electrical devices, SPS also has its own advantages and disadvantages such as the following:

  • Has a light weight.
  • Has a high level of efficiency that is around 70% -90%.
  • The centralized design is more reliable in cold temperatures.
  • For sale at affordable prices.
  • The level of isolation from transient grids is better at more than 60db.

  • It has the least difficult wrinkle (ripple) which is 20-50 mVpp. This voltage on the wrinkle is a measured voltage ratio, namely AC with a measured voltage in DC.
  • The regulatory system is not good, which usually depends on the production plant.
  • Need to use an input voltage regulator as a stabilizer.

List of SPS Price Range found in Indotrading


Price Range

Power Supply Par LED 18 X 10 Watt

Rp 600.000

Power Supply 12V 200 Watt Waterproof

Rp 650.000

Mode Power Supply 24V 10 Amper Slim

Rp 200.000

Power Supply Vinder Dimmable

Rp 700.000

DIN Rail Switching Power Supply Mean Well brand PULS

Rp 7.000.000

Switching Power Supply DC 12V 30 Amper

Rp 300.000

Power Supply Rainproof 12V

Rp 500.000

Power Supply PJU LED 12 Watt

Rp 900.000

Power Supply Par LED 18 X 10 Watt

Rp 600.000

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