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Buy Pipe Connections / Pipe Fittings cheap wholesale prices of brands Rucika / Wavin, Power, Vinilon, Maspion, Intralon DLL for pvc, iron, hdpe pipe connections and various other types that can be bought directly from pipe fittings and distributors the lowest price wholesaler. Buy various types of connection, including elbow pipe, socket faucet, elbo faucet, tee, tee faucet, socket, union socket, valve socket and various other types of pipe joints. You can get all types of pipe connections from all pipe fitting suppliers in Indotrading with the cheapest wholesale prices from the best choice pipe fitting brands in Indonesia.

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Shock Drat Aw Drill Pipe Connection is a pipe fitting that is designed for drilling needs. This pipe socket is produced from metal alloy material, so it is very strong and sturdy. We also provide a wide range of sokdrats to drill wells at affordable prices, guaranteed quality using solid iron and in the form of sines (cones) to make it easy to inst

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Types of Pipe Connections Often Used

Do you want to know what types of pipe connections are often used for pipe installation? In you can get various types of connections for the pipe, either the pvc pipe , pipa ppr , plastic pipes , hdpe pipes and various other types of pipes based on the material. Of the various forms of connection generally each has a different function. You can see the types of connections and their functions in the table below:

Connection forms Functions
Elbow connection This connection is generally bent in shape like the letter L, serves to bend pipes or paralon in all directions both left and right or top to bottom. This elbow has more variants, namely elbow drat inside and outside, 45 elbow and plain / knee pipe elbow. This type of connection is often used for installation of water faucets .
Pipe Socket This straight-shaped connection is commonly called a pipe socket which functions to connect pipes in a straight shape and is distinguished from other variants, namely plain sockets, inner socket sockets and outer drats.
Union Thread connection This connection model is one type of non-permanent connection but a connection for straight-shaped pipes equipped such as nuts and grates that can be joined and removed with grille.
Tee Connection It is a type of connection that is shaped like the letter T, which is used to connect three pipes at a time or to limit a pipe with a tap or valve .
Increaser Connection One type of connection that is shaped like a socket, but both ends have different diameter sizes, because the function is only to connect the two pipes in different shapes.
Flange Connection Serves to connect the two pipes by means of one end glued with glue to the main pipe and the other end is connected using a bolt that is installed in a circle.
Y-Branch Connection The type of connection that is shaped like the letter Y and serves to connect the pipe in two directions, namely the straight direction and 45 degrees direction
P-Trap Connection It is a unique connection, which is used to connect the pipeline from top to bottom and through the holes of the water filters that are used to control and anticipate getting clogged pipes.

Size of PVC and Other Pipe Connections

If you are looking for the size of pipe fittings, you should pay attention to some of the sizes in this table, some of these standard sizes are generally used for joints that are adjusted to the size of the pipe to be connected.

inch mm
1/2 inch 22
3/4 inch 26
1 inch 32
2 inch 60
3 inches 89
4 inch 114
5 inch 140
6 inch 165
8 inch 216
10 inches 267
12 inches 318

Find the Cheapest Wholesale Pipe Connection Prices from Suppliers, Distributors in Indotrading

Besides you can get various types of pipe connections based on their shape and size, you can also search for pipe fittings based on the lowest price offer you can get directly from supplier of pipe fittings in Indotrading . You can directly enter the specifications of the connection that you want to buy based on the size, shape, brand and price request you want and also can upload images that you can enter in submitting requests for procurement on the page for requests to buy pipe fittings that can be seen by dozens up to hundreds of sellers of the biggest and cheapest pipe fittings in

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