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Polymer Anionic
Rp 70.000
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21 Sep 2021
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Anionic polymer
21 Sep 2021
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20 People
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Bahan-bahan Kimia
PT . BIMASAKTI KIMIA RAYA as a trading company in the field of chemistry . The establishment of this company is based on the chemical business in the Indonesian market promising future . Since the first embryo , PT . BIMASAKTI KIMIA RAYA remained consistently engaged in the field of ecofriendly chemistry that sound in line with the level of public awareness of pollution and increasingly critical of the limited natural resources . Environmental balance becomes a major requirement in the development of every sector of development , even internationally requires that only environmentally clean product that can be competitive in the global market . These conditions indicate that the activities of the environmental field is still wide open and still needed . To meet the market demand for PT . BIMASAKTI KIMIA RAYA is not only active in the field of Chemical Sales for processing water and waste water (Water Treatment) but also in terms of development of Waste Water Treatment Plant ( WWTP ) and establish partnership with various parties such as Industry , Hospitals , Buildings, etc. , who had worked with PT . BIMASAKTI KIMIA RAYA in terms of the construction of the WWTP development . Along with the development of PT . BIMASAKTI KIMIA RAYA also participated in the field of energy effesiensi . Currently PT . BIMASAKTI KIMIA RAYA has been working with companies and manufacturers in China as the sole distributor ( Sole Agent ) for engine boilers and boiler Feiyi auxiliariesnya with brands , including chemicals for the maintenance and boiler feed water and coal additive for engine boilers .
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