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Scrap Iron

Scrap Iron in Indonesia

Function and type Scrap Iron

Laymen certainly do not much care if you catch Besi Tua Tua scattered on the road or near the garbage, because that is embedded in his mind is sold there is not necessarily a buy, even if no one wants to buy certainly Junkman which is then exchanged with ash or the amount of money relative small. Besi Tua Tua has almost the same basic ingredients, such as carbon, manganese, etc., that usually such materials will take effect when smelting. Besi Tua Tua usually required by industries for scrap iron, scrap iron are sought to be recycled and made into new Old iron formed according to the products they want.

Scrap Iron

Items such as the above are components of drainage that is usually attached to a bridge or fly over

  • Price : Rp550.000
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CV. Fajar Teknik Utama
Jawa Barat , Bandung

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