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Selling Low Price Solar Panels / Solar Cells

Buy Solar Panels / Solar Cell cheap wholesale prices for One Led brands, Indalux, Surya, ICA, SJS, Skytech and others from suppliers and distributors or importers of the cheapest and most complete solar power solar panels in Indonesia. The latest model of solar power panels, buy now for solar energy equipment that functions to convert sunlight into electricity to turn on all household and office electronic equipment so that it will be more energy efficient than PLN electricity. Solar panels as solar systems are more efficient and more affordable to take advantage of economic and environmental benefits. These solar panels are not only used in homes, but are also used in remote areas and areas where schools lack electricity, communities and telecommunications equipment and water pumps.

Solar Cell

Model : Wyl189-10
Encapsulation : Pet / Eva Lamination
Description :
Maximum Power  : 10W

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CV. Neo Teknik Prima
Bekasi , Bekasi

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Price of Solar Panels / Solar Cells from Suppliers / Distributors in Indotrading

This is the price range of solar panels or solar panels from various sellers, be it retail, wholesale or with other provisions from the seller. All of this price information can change at any time so for more detailed and complete information you can also directly request a quote directly from a trusted supplier in Indotrading for all goods procurement needs for your company's store, office or business.

Solar Panel Types Estimated Price
Mini 68x37 mm 5V 60 MA Rp. 15,000
100 WP Solar Panel Package Rp. 4,980,000
Monocrystalline PV Panel Grade A Rp. 3,900,000
Sharp Nu-S0e3e Solar Panel 180 Watts Rp. 3,250,000
Inveter 1500 Watt Rp. 2,550,000

Buy Solar Panels for Alternative Energy in Indonesia

Buy various types of solar panels to save electricity costs that you normally spend on purchasing PLN electricity which continues to experience price increases. So by buying a power plant system such as using solar panels for a solution for anyone who wants to save electricity by always buying solar panel equipment to save electricity more efficiently and be more environmentally friendly. Buy all the needs / equipment of solar cell energy directly from suppliers, trusted distributors in

Functions and Types of Solar Cells

This solar panel is an efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly solar power system. Solar cells are not only used for homes, but also can be used in areas and remote areas such as school locations that lack electricity or can also be used for community needs and telecommunications equipment and also water pumps. To be able to get good quality solar panels and cheap prices you can open on the website. In Indotrading you can get various types of solar panels that have the main function of capturing sunlight energy that can be used to be converted into electrical energy which is used to turn on various electronic equipment such as solar lights and other electronic equipment. The types of solar panels are divided into three types including:

1. Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panels
  This type of solar panel uses silicon material as the main ingredient in making solar cells. Thin sliced ​​silicon material uses special technology so that the resulting solar cell pieces will be identical to each other and will also have high performance. Physically, this type of solar panel can be identified by the degree of the black cell title and the cut model at its angle   
2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels

  This type of solar panel is made of several melted silicon crystal rods, then poured in a square mold. Silicone crystals in this type are not as pure as in monocrystalline. So the solar cells produced are not identical to each other and also the level of efficiency is also lower than the other types
3. Solar Panel Thin Film Solar Cell (TFSC)
  This type is made by adding thin solar cells to a base layer. Because the TFSC form is thin so the solar panels are very flexible and lightweight. The thickness of the layers can be measured from nanometers to micrometers. With a size that is very thin so easy in terms of installation as well as solar panel security

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