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Machine Oil Filter

Machine Oil Filter in Bekasi

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Function of Oil Filter Machines

High oil content in a food is certainly a problem for sellers of food business, because it can cause rancidity. This happens to food cooked in high temperature or oil use yng repeatedly. This machine is useful for reducing the oil content in fried foods and fried foods are also not rancid quickly.

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Machine Oil Filter

Mesin Penyaring MinyakEnd: 2700 mm Width: 1200 mm Height: 2000 mm Capacity: 50 - 100 Kg / Process

  • Price : Rp95.000.000
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CV. Changdong Indonesia
Bekasi , Bekasi

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Before you buy make sure the oil filter machines according to your needs, such as the type or brand of what you want to use, and it would be better to adjust the amount of oil that will be screened to determine how much oil filter machines is used.

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TOP SUPPLIER Machine Oil Filter

CV. Changdong Indonesia
Verified Supplier
Indotrading gold member
3 Year
Response Rate 81%
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Mesin pencacah Plastik 300 kg
Mesin Paving hydrolik
PT. Raja Ampat Indotim
Verified Supplier
2 Year
Response Rate 80%
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Mesin Pencuci Kopi
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