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Cooking Oil in Bekasi

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Buy cheap wholesale cooking oil packaging from hundreds of suppliers and distributors throughout Indonesia with the most comprehensive choice of the best cooking oil brands in Indonesia. Indotrading provides a variety of brands including bimoli oil, tropical, filma, sania and fortune and other brands at low prices. Shop now to get special wholesale and retail prices directly from the largest distributors and suppliers in Indonesia. Choose clear, healthy and safe cooking oil every day and buy it directly from all sellers in suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.

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Low Price Cooking Oil Distributor

Shop for bottled, plastic and jerry cans with cheap wholesale prices directly from the largest distributors and suppliers in Indonesia with the best selection of brands such as bimoli, tropical oil, sania , fortune and filma and other brands that offer a variety of retail and wholesale packaging sizes. For information on the latest price list for some edible oils for cooking, you can immediately see the price list as below:

Price of Packaging Cooking Oil of Various Brands from Supplier

1. Bimoli Classic 5 Lt Rp 317,000
2. Tropical 500 ml Rp 6,800
3. Tropical 1 Liter Rp 11,600
4. MAS KEY Rp 233,000
5. Sovia Rp 234,150
6. FILMA Rp 33,000

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