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Concrete Hardness Testing Tool

Concrete Hardness Testing Tool in Bekasi

Hardness Test Equipment Concrete perfect solution to make rapid and accurate determination of the location, concrete cover and rebar diameter on a reinforced construction. There are many brands and models Concrete Hardness Test Equipment. Some uses low frequency electromagnetic fields to locate metal objects in the structure, while the latest technology using ground-penetrating radar found the steel and other objects in the structure. Hardness Test Equipment Concrete is the most effective and efficient way to find, evaluate and assess the thickness of concrete cover over reinforcing bar. By using the latest in electromagnetics and radar technology, high-quality search this market can guarantee accurate results.

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Concrete Hardness Testing Tool

MH100 Portable Leeb hardness testerMeasuring range:(170~960)HLDResolution Accuracy:±6HLDCommunication storage:100 measurement series.(Relative to average times 32~1) USBWorking time:about 200 hours(with default brightness)Main unit weight:80gTotal weight:4.0KGDimensions:148mm×33mm×28 mmRelated standards:  

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CV. Andalan Prima Sejahtera
Bekasi , Bekasi

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