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CV. Batu Beling

Surabaya, Jawa Timur
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Company Profile
Establishment Year
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
Number of employees
50 People
Company Field
Toilet Cubicle, Plafon, Wall Panel, Kusen Almini, Bak,tanki,box PVC
We Sell
Toilet Cubicle, Galvalum, Aluminium, Gypsum, ACP, Glass
BATUBELING Interior Exterior Contractors is a company incorporated under the name ESTIGA initial design in 1998 in Surabaya, which then in 2004 switched become JAVA Interior, and in 2011 we changed to BATUBELING Interior Exterior Contractor. Coverage areas of work include Interior, Exterior and Architecture which aim is Services provide: * Planning Interior / Exterior * Implementation of manufacture of interior / exterior Company Vision: A company that is engaged in professional and independent services and uphold the ethics of the profession Company Mission: Providing services in multi-disciplinary and comprehensive. Provide effective services so as to provide efficient service product in terms of time and cost.
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CV. Batu Beling
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