Lightweight Brick Hebel

Lightweight Brick Hebel

Function and type Hebel Brick / Brick Light

Hebel brick or brick is also often called Light is lightweight building material, capable of withstanding heavy loads, the level of thermal insulation and soundproofing high, durable and does not absorb water. Use of Brick Hebel / light brick building and improve quality while reducing costs at the construction site. Hebel brick or bricks are light are the primary choice of contractors, developers and architects around the world, due to its superiority in all aspects.

In accordance with the given name, brick or Hebel lightweight when compared with ordinary brick weighs did have a considerable difference. And because it is lighter, it makes the construction of the load can be reduced so that the quality and durability of the building becomes better. The risk of collapse of the building because construction does not hold the load can be reduced to the maximum.

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