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Rubber Stocks

Rubber Stocks in Indonesia

Every day a lot of junk that is wasted and not used again. secondhand goods only considered trash, As Used Goods Rubber. Actually Used Goods Rubber can be used again and can add value even economic benefits. Used Rubber goods such as waste tires Used tires can be processed into powder and into raw materials to make various products made from rubber. You are looking for Used Goods Rubber Waste?

Simply by opening website you can get a quote directly from distributors, suppliers, agents Used Goods Rubber Waste best. You can get the Used Goods Rubber wastes with low prices and quality goods. If you are looking for Used Goods Plastic Waste in large quantities at low prices. You can use the features in the purchase request All requests will be sent to all distributors and suppliers of Used Goods Plastic Waste in
Rubber Stocks

Waste rubber ex tire curing bladder with special butyl.Medium half cooked (according to the character required in bladder manufacture). Suitable for home industry making sandals, shoes, and equipment or other needs.

  • Price : Rp25.000
  • Min Order : 100
  • Brand : Indobladders
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PT Industri Karet Cibinong
Jawa Barat , Bogor
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