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UD. Banyu Studio

Kab. Banyumas, Jawa Tengah
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Jasa Desain Materi Promosi
31 Oct 2015
Jasa Desain Materi Promosi
Design Services for Promotion Material
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Kab. Banyumas, Jawa Tengah
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0 People
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Design Grafis
BanyuStudio.com has two combinations of words that have a meaning that is interesting for us, that the word banyu and studio. The combined two words into a company in the field of technology and multi-media. Are both meanings of the word? Banyu can be interpreted tirta or water or rivers in the Java language, which means flow, but we plesetkan banyu = a lot of money?, Not intended mercenary, banyu we also take from Banyumas city founded this studio. Banyu or water is something that is badly needed by living things in this world, imagine if there is no water? Could die all? But why do not I give the name airstudio.com, if the water in the English language "air" good anyway but that's not our intention. Studio is a multi-media production can be a website, animation, video and so on, the studio is our field to appreciate the works that may be useful for the public interest. This studio was established after we decide on the final, why do we have to become entrepreneurs and have a company. BanyuStudio hopes to become a place of appreciation for Indonesia's young people continue to promote the works of Indonesian and proud nation, in addition we are always active in the areas of social and working with PMI Banyumas, UBALOKA and social institutions laiinya.
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UD. Banyu Studio
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