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Flavours & Aromatics in Banjarmasin

Food essence and aroma are two ingredients that are used in food business and culinary. Despite, the use of food essence and aroma must be in control, since not all kinds of food essence and aroma are allowed and must be in a proper quantity. Food essences are available in various products like salty, sweet, hot, and cheesy essence. So is the food aroma, it is also available in various kinds like rose, mint, fresh aroma and many more.

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Flavours & Aromatics

Aerosols Inhabit the Flavor and AromagHow to Use Huni habituate fungus & Anti Fungus special board fin swallow 1.Spray HUNI to the fin board with a spray distance of 10cm2.Let dry to HUNI seep into the pores of wood3.For treatment, spray regularly every monthNote:A.Humidity in the house swallow max.87%B.Open some air ventilation holes for

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