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Buy speakers of the latest models of cheap wholesale prices of various brands of Toa, Samsung, GMC, Supreme and others from the largest suppliers, importers and distributors in Indonesia. The Speaker Audax brand is a transducer that converts electrical signals to audio (sound) frequencies by vibrating their membrane-shaped components to vibrate the air so that sound waves arrive at our ear drums and we can hear them as sounds.

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Speaker audax

Audax-50 SpeakerTweeter Audax AX-50, widely used for tweeter inap / tweeter calling on swallow bird house for its natural & clear voice so it is suitable for sound angler / inap. With sounds that resemble the original swallow sound so that the Audax AX-50 tweeter is highly favored by the swiftlet.

  • Price : Rp23.000
  • Brand : audax
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Toko Jakarta Walet Centre
Kalimantan Selatan , Banjarmasin

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