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Building contractor

Building Contractor is a person or a legal entity or a business entity in the contract or in the lease to run the project work based on the content of the contract which he won from the project owner, the agency / government agencies, legal entities, business entities, and individuals, who have made appointments formally. By using a Building Contractor you can find out how the budget costs to be incurred, can discuss the design and floor plan that suits your needs and budget funds are prepared, oversight of the work tersistem and discipline, no need to laboriously search for materials, no need to laboriously search for and supervising bricklayers, do not need to think about the security of material, do not have to worry about the technical construction and construction phases, if the work is less well able to complain without any additional charge.

Semangat Baratama By Semangat Baratama

participate in various projects with several years experience , we also design the hydraulic system in accordance with the needs and desires of consumers ,Repair and testing hydraulic parts and hydraulic cylinders . We provide service after the sale with experienced engineering and testing fafilitas part in our workshop .We also supply machines for the manufacture of parts with a focus on local demand for safety as industrial parts , utensils , tools, machinery , etc. with the machine so as to produce products with high precision

5 Year
Sakata Utama By PT. Sakata Utama

PT. MAIN SAKATA is a company engaged in the construction field for development, maintenance and development in various fields. From since its establishment in 2006, our company always emphasizing professionalism, quality and timely that lead to the ultimate goal of our customer satisfaction.Over time, supported by the ability and experience of our team, technology and extensive partner network, making our trusted as a partner by a few large companies in the development of its business in Indonesia.With increasing competition in the field of construction, we are committed to continuously improving the quality and timeliness in the quantity of our work

4 Year

PT. Sakata Utama

Cendana Megah Indonesia By PT. Cendana Megah Indonesia

PT. Cendana Megah Indonesia is a supplier of medical devices engaged in the distribution of medical devices. We are located in Bandung, West Java. The products we sell have proven their quality and superiority. Our customers include well-known hospitals located in various cities in Indonesia.

1 Year
Pandu Equator Prima By PT. Pandu Equator Prima

PT Pandu Equator Prima (PEP) sells and works on a wide variety of geosynthetics products such as: Woven Geotextile, Non Woven Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogell, Geonet, Prefabricated Vertical Drain, Erosion Control, Geocomposite, Drainage Cell, Drainage Tank, Geo Silt Protector, Geopipe. In our operations we are supported by several leading companies / principals, both local and international. Armed with more than 12 years of experience we provide the best service for customers / clients. The principle of PT PEP is to provide the best service for customers in terms of providing quality and product selection, competitive prices and on time deliveryOur other website: and

6 Year
Trimitra Green Enviro By PT. Trimitra Green Enviro

PT. Trimitra Green Enviro is a company engaged in the Planning and goods and services for WTP and WWTP based in Bandung, we provide services to all customers with the best quality.

3 Year
Dimensi Precast By Dimensi Precast

We Are A Company Producing Precast Concrete Wall Panel.

Dimensi Precast


Pt. Hansa Agro Lestari Is Importer Of Foaming Agent Clc Hal 303 And Aluminum Paste Hal 1004 From Europe, In Addition We Also Provide Machines For Producing Light Brick And Solution Provider How To Make Light Break With Good Quality.

Karang Agung By CV. Karang Agung

Cv.Karang Agung,Applicator Waterproofing System&Epoxy System,Perencanaan Dan Konsultasi Proyek Dan Pelaksanaan Pekerjaan Serta Perawatan Untuk Proyek Komersil.Industri,Perumahan,Perkantoran,Gedung Pemerentahan,Jalan Tol,Underpass,Bendungan,Kolam Renang,Stp,Grondting Dan Proyek Lainnya. Mari Percayakan Kepada Perusahan Kami Untuk Mengekspresikan Keserasian Harmoni Warna Untuk Lantai Dan Dinding Anda,Menggunakan Epoxy System Dan Hindari Berbagai Kebocoran Di Bangunan Anda Mengunakan Product-Product Waterproofing Untuk Semua System Dan Tenaga Terampil Dan Berpengalaman Di Bidangnya. Product Supplier: Kami Menyediakan Dan Menyalurkan Kebutuhan Proyek Anda Dalam Bentuk Material Untuk Pekerjaan Epoxy Dan Waterproofing Semua System Dari Merk Terkenal Tentunya Kuwalitas Terbaik. Product Services: - Epoxy Self Levelling - Epoxy Coating - Epoxy Flooring - Floor Hardiner - Sealant - Epoxy Mortar Creeding - Trowil Finish - Groundting System - Epoxy Road Line - Injeksi Epoxy System - Injeksi Grouting System - Waterproofing Membrane Bakar - Waterproofing Coating System - Waterproofing Coating Cement Base - Waterproofing Coating Kassa Matt Product Supply: - Membrane Torch On - Membrane Self Adhesive - Coating Cement Base - Coating Kassa Matt - Coating Epoxy - Sealant Struktur - Water Glass - Sika Setacelerator - Damdex Prima - Bonding Agent - Hardiner - Slica Floor - Ttalk Dan Latik - Epoxy Resin

CV. Karang Agung

Global Panel Constructions By CV. Global Panel Constructions

INSTALASIPANEL.COM is designated to give customers a convenience experience to install and maintain their insulated sandwich panel system project, as well as competitive and fair price, rapid and satisfactory working time to fit with your tight schedule, full installation warranty and 24/7 after sales service back up. Visit our website:

Karya Anugrah Bandung By Toko Karya Anugrah Bandung

Anugrah Karya Bandung -081 320 438 866 08158319718 Renting equipment project: - Jack hammer - Cutting concrete - Stamper - Baby roller / hand walles - Concrete vibrators - Scaffolding - Molen field - Excavator

Medikom By CV. Medikom

Medikom is Sukabumi applying Contractor One Stop Solution that is right for you who are planning to invest in Sukabumi like building a house, get up shophouses, office wake up, wake up warehouses, factories, etc. Medikom as a service contractor in Sukabumi provide: Service Architect / Home Design, Interior Design & Construction Services Building by a team of architects and the selected contractor, professional and experienced. Our goal is to provide solutions that dream dwelling can meet your needs, but at an affordable price. With management systems and professional services, Medikom Team ready to provide services and solutions for your best results with a control system (surveyor) experienced, and has a planned target date which has been determined from the deal. We give maximum service with a view to facilitate prospective clients to get information about the houses are good and beautiful, without mengurasi civil construction side that can strengthen your stay awake home.

CV. Medikom

Mitra Mandiri Tehnik By CV. Mitra Mandiri Tehnik

We are company in the sector supplier equipment drilling and services contractor drilling. We experienced in the sector drilling, after that we have unit jacro. Then we can working in the exploration drilling like coal, water well, mineral, gold, etc. We always quality assurance for own our products. Come on, shopping with me.

Sumber Rezeki Kencana By PT  Sumber Rezeki Kencana

Company BriefPT. REZEKI KENCANA SOURCE is a precision engineered & Outsourcing Company.EMAIL: sumber_rk@rocketmail.comOur Product:1. Perforated Plate / Sheet / ACP, Coil & OtherPT. Sumber Rejeki Kencana offers the most complete range of sizes for Perforated Sheet / Metal / Plate / ACP / Coil from 0.4mm to 2.5mm thick, and from 1.1mm to 50mm size holes in round, square, hexagonal , slotted or fancy shaped. We perforate any non brittle material including cold rolled and hot, galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and engineringplastic.2. Engineering Plastic, Industrial Material & OtherPT. Sumber Rejeki Kencana has been supplying engineering plastics, industrial materials to clients in various industries. With such experience, we offer a comprehensive product range to fulfill the needs of every clients.  PTFE (Teflon); TIVAR 5000 (PE 5000 / Virgin); Tufflad (Flexible PVC); UHMW-PE (PE 1000, 5000); HMW-PE (PE 500 / virgin); HDPE; PP (Polypropylene); PVC (Poly Vinyl Copolymer); PA6G (Polyamide) / Materal cast (MC) Nylon; POM (Poly Acetal); Polycarbonate; Novotex; Pertinax; Fiberglass; PU (Polyurethane); Silicone  Rubber: Natural, Neoprene,     EPDM, NBR.  Asbestos Packing, Klingerit packing, Gasket & Other3. Laser CuttingPT. Sumber Rejeki Kencana offers the most complete range of sizes for Laser Cutting Sheet / Metal / Plate and many fancy shapes.4. RoutingPT. Sumber Rejeki Kencana offers the most complete range of sizes for Laser Cutting Sheet / Metal / Plate and many fancy shapes.5. Galvanized Plate, Galvanil, BJLSGalvalum, Zincalume, Aluminum & otherPT. Sumber Rejeki Kencana offers the most complete range of sizes for materials Galvanis, Galvanil, Galvalume, Zingalume & Aluminum in Sheet / Metal / Roll / Coil.

Niaga Artha Chemcons By CV. Niaga Artha Chemcons

We are distributors and applicator of waterproofing, epoxy flooring, leaking, cracked and broken concrete repair, floor hardener, firestop, grouting, sealant, waterstop and others. We provide a wide range of brands and types including Fosroc, SIKA, BASF, ESTOP, BOSTIK, ULTRACHEM, PENTENS, PROPAN, Flowcrete, ITLS, AWAZEL, DELTACRETE, Penetron and others. The working area of CV Niaga Artha Chemcons covers the entire nation with experience of working on projects from Aceh, Tajung Pinang, Cilegon, Jabodetabek, Karawang, Subang, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Bali, Makassar, Manado to Jayapura. In Offer Services CV Niaga Artha Chemcons continues to provide education to the quality of products based on experience and the spesification of the material produced by the manufacturer so that no mistakes material selection and always welcome to do a breakdown of the selling value. Here the article that represent us


PT.NIAGA SINAR SENTOSA company SEWA or RENTAL concrete pump, concrete pump or pump Readymix, which include STANDARD PUMP PUMP LONGBOOM, OR SMALL MINI PUMP PUMP KODOK and serve piping length over 150 meters, and serve SERVICE SUPPLIER readymix or concrete cast or cast DAK and general trading house PT.NIAGA SINAR SENTOSA established since 2006. With more than 10 years, besides that we also keep abreast of the things about new readymix concrete pump and / cormix LEGAL COMPANY: COMPANY NAME: PT. COMMERCIAL SINAR SENTOSA CERTIFICATE Notary: PRIMARINI HARYANTI, SH No. 05 Approval from Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia: C-231.HT.03.01 Th. 2003 Tax ID: 316910470436000 COMPANY ACTIVITIES PT.NIAGA SINAR SENTOSA, offering a complete service ranging from visits / surveys to the location, the feasibility survey, the feasibility of the technique proposed location of the cast, and the measurement needs of readymix / cement cast in the foundry site in order that proper volume, not less or excess concrete cast and serving consulting problem foundry effective and efficient in both time and costs OUR MISSION "Always serve clients with reliable knowledge and expertise acquired and held in the field with the best offer in terms of services and value-added and komputitif cheaper price, quality, service, quality our priority" Our Company is engaged in the rental, lease concrete pump / concrete pump, and serves sell ready mix, cast concrete, cast concrete, cormix, cement cast and many of the terms of the ready mix, and we only serve the area JABOTABEK (JAKSEL, JAKTIM, Jakut, DEPOK, Bogor DISTRICT, Bekasi Tangerang, and surrounding areas) Our company is working with several companies Ready Mix / readymix concrete are ready menyuplay cast concrete, cement cast, cast concrete. in Jabodebek among others: 1. PT. THREE WHEELS / Pioner 2. PT.MP / Red White Cement 3. PT. Sinai REDIKON 4. PT. PT ABAMIX


Herewith we intend to propose a price JAYA READYMIX Ready mix, or cast concrete, while ready mix pricing details as follows: For CIREBON & surrounding area). & surroundings Rt Java

Persada Bina Nusantara By UD. Persada Bina Nusantara

Welcome to PT Persada Bina Nusantara, a company Rent | Rental Equipment which has been in two generations. Through the support of Heavy Lifting & Heavy Equipment complete and human resources support ALSO formidable and experienced we present to you. Various projects Heavy Transportation, Heavy Lifting, Rental | Rental Equipment across Indonesia have been implemented. Various National and International projects in the field of Commercial Building contractors have PT Persada Bina Nusantara PT. Bina Persada Nusantara also always be a Supplier / Partner in RENT Equipment / Heavy Equipment Rental in completing the National dariKontraktor-Umeda Sky Building in Jakarta and Surabaya as working on projects Dharmala Building, Bank Indonesia, Sudirman Place, Higher Education Senayan, BPS Building, Building Business Indonesia, Central Jakarta SAMSAT Building, Graha Pena Surabaya or fully support the activities as a supplier of heavy equipment lease / rental of heavy equpment for PROJECT. Our main philosphy is Always Hire Company | RENT Leading Heavy Equipment & Rental Heavy Equipment that has experienced two generations we can "Through our business activities, and to use all the capacity (manpower, technology, creativity, team work) CAN always improve the quality of and service to all our clients "All our employees will always increase the knowledge and ability in the field of heavy equipment (Division Rental Equipment / Rental Heavy Equipment) and wholeheartedly provide solutions to all our customers so as to achieve mutual success. The development of industrial in Indonesia has also we support in various projects ESPECIALLY FOR INDUSTRIAL / factory like when we become pensupply heavy equipment (rental & pengerjaaan), heavy equipment (rental and transportation her) to Factory: Kahatex Bandung, South Pacific Viscose, Indo Success always to you all, Sincerely. OFFIS. Jln. Kingdom Narogong, Km 26, Cilengsi Bogor 16820. West Java - Indonesia. Phone. 021-85566195 (Holiday) Fax. 021-8230935 Mobille. 081291778990 (Budi Hartono) Email.

Nusantara Group By PT  Nusantara Group

We entrust to the Company to Hire and Rental Equipment with competitive price, including: Bulldozer Wheel Loader Track Loaders Motor Grader Excavator Hyd Breaker Backhoe Loader Vibrating Compactor Tandem Roller Tandem Roller ( Static)

Trysarana Artha By PT  Trysarana Artha

pt trysaranaartha ,spesialist : canopi,tangga,pagar,baja berat,baja ringan,stenlist steel ,almunium,dll

Bungsu Jaya By UD. Bungsu Jaya

Ud. Bungsu Jaya Is A Company Engaged In Supplying Building Materials And Suppliers Seller Fabrication And Wire Gabion Gabion Wire Produced Manually (Hand Made) With Various Kinds Of Wire Size, Aperture, The Size Of The Box According To Budget Your Project With Iso Certified Raw Material And Have A Test Laboratory For Tensile Strength Webbing And Manual Manufacturing Premises Bargain Prices. Our Company Also Received The Services Of Filling And Installation Workmanship. We Are Ready To All Deliver Your Order Indonesia.Garansi Money Back!Contact Us:Gigis Meida GisnawatiMobile: 081224704050E-Mail: Udbungsujaya@Gmail.Com

UD. Bungsu Jaya


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