Car Workshop

Car Workshop Bandung

Car Workshop is a business that is doing repairs on a damaged machine to be recovered in accordance with properly. In bengekl car also provides various accessories and spare parts needs a car to various car Janis.

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Moga Advertising By PT  Moga Advertising

Come a long way since 2007 Moga Advertising pioneered one of the advertising agency business located in western Jakarta, with specialized services in the field of vehicle graphics are applied in the form of vehicle wrap or a car branding following installation services. In line with the business dynamics and challenges Moga Advertising reviewing Outdoor Advertising Market business that had been limited to the core business of vehicle graphics then in the beginning of 2016 we made a new affiliate and management restructuring that the legality of the business entity called PT. Multi Moga Synergy is headquartered in Bogor that develop and concentrate its business on core competence refers to the field of creative industries by making changes in an effort to improve the company's performance to be efficient and competitive in the domestic and international markets vision: "Being creative advertising company and industry-quality, effective, dynamic, unique and efficient" mission: "Providing professional services for any company or individual through creative advertising products and services to build a mutually beneficial partnership in the development of the business through advertising industry and the creative industry in Indonesia. Moga Adv That Provide Services Media Advertising In And Out Lounge Like, Digital Printing Outdoor And Indoor, Offset Printing, Sticker Branding, Car Branding, Cutting Sticker, Design, Advertising & Construction, Manufacturing Signage, Neon Box, Signbox, Billboard, Board Name, Emboss, Installation Services Sticker Or Branding / Wrap, Billboard Licensing and Tax Preparation. Moga Adv Providing the Best Service And The Very Experienced Professionals in this field. Our Goal To Serve whole Consumers who are interested Doing Promotion Company / Product Through Media Printing / Print Yang Di Apply in Media Promotion And Is a Necessity For Us With Primary Goal We, Namely Participate Advancing And Meets Desire Consumer Delivering the Message Product Through Media Ad Campaign / Advertising.   Car Branding Branding Or Commonly Known Car Sticker / Car Branding Is One Of Our Special Services Division, From Design, Setting And Layout, Survey, Mobil Template, Digital Printing, Installation Management Advertising Tax Sticker Here Such vehicles. Resolving With Both A Plan Promotional Products By Way Car Branding Using Vehicles In The medium With Different Types of Car Like, Car Opearional, Commercial Vehicles, Box Car, Bus, Shuttle Bus, Public Transport Even Not Just On Car, Sticker Branding Can Also On Apply On glass, Wall, Building, Office space, Mall, Dan Sticker Branding On In Other Media. "Building Trust More Difficult Than Just Selling Products, Hence That We Keep Doing Efforts To Optimize In order to Continue to Serve Market and Consumer By Trust That Has To Use Our Services For It".