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Flow Sensor

Flow Sensor in Bandung

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Function and Flow Sensor Type

Flow sensor or flow sensor is a device to sense fluid flow rate. Usually the flow sensor is a sensing element that is used in a flow meter or flow logger, for recording the flow of liquid. As it happens to all sensors, absolute accuracy of measurement need for calibration functions. There is a wide range of flow sensors and flow meters, including some that have a propeller driven by the fluid, and can push the rotary potentiometer, or similar devices. Indotrading.com provide a wide range of Flow Sensors that you need such as digital flow detector, smart sensors, and other flow sensor with a quality product and cost for us consists of various suppliers, distributors, exporters and importers reliable. To save you time, Indotrading.com can help you to find the right supplier or distributor by filling the columns in the "Create Request Buy"

Flow Sensor

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Jawa Barat , Garut

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