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Bandung Compression Tester Suppliers and Manufacturers

Below are the list of companies that supply Compression Tester for Bandung region. This List is updated on daily basis.

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A compression tester is a measuring instrument used to determine the amount of compression pressure in each cylinder in the engine. Generally a compression tester functions to service vehicles, because this tool is often used by mechanics when servicing vehicles or when diagnosing engine problems when the power generated by the engine is less than optimal. There are different types of compression testers used to measure compression pressure in gasoline engines and diesel engines.

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Compression Tester Function

Compression tester is a tool used to determine the amount of compression in a vehicle. The compression tester itself is divided into a compression pressure gauge for gasoline engines and a diesel engine compression pressure gauge.

The manometer (measurement scale) on this tool serves to show the cylinder compression pressure when measuring. Inside the manometer there is a needle and a compression pressure scale in several, namely Bar, Kg/cm2 and PSi.