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Dome CCTV is a type of surveillance camera that has a design or shape similar to a dome. Yes, this room surveillance camera is specifically designed so that it can be placed in several corners of indoor and outdoor types. Although this CCTV Dome camera has a minimalist design and looks simple, but still, this one surveillance camera has its own advantages and advantages compared to some other types of surveillance cameras.

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Advantages and Advantages of CCTV Dome Panasonic brand Compared to other types of CCTV cameras

For those of you who are still confused to choose what type or type of CCTV surveillance camera you will use to keep an eye on the indoor and outdoor room angles, then you can choose this type of CCTV Dome Panasonic brand camera because it has several advantages and advantages from other types of CCTV cameras.

Therefore, these are some of the advantages and advantages of CCTV Dome Panasonic brand surveillance cameras. Among them are as follows:

1. Unique and attractive design    

The advantages and advantages of this CCTV Dome are having a unique and attractive design. Yes, this surveillance camera is round and equipped with glass so you can attach it to several corners of the room that you want to monitor

2. Able to Blend with the Room Environment    

The advantages of CCTV Dome Outdoor cameras are indeed worth a thumbs up. Because, this surveillance camera is able to blend in with the room environment, especially in the outdoor type of room so that sometimes CCTV Dome Outdoor cameras are often invisible so you can freely monitor the activities in the room.

3. Full features    

The third advantage of this CCTV Dome Panasonic brand surveillance camera is that it is equipped with full features such as the infrared night vision feature to clarify video footage at night until it is protected by super thick glass so that the dome type surveillance camera can still function even though it is exposed to water (such as rainwater).

4. Practical Installation    

The fourth advantage is that the installation of CCTV Dome Panasonic brand cameras is quite practical because it does not require mounting brackets. You just have to attach the adhesive to the surveillance camera on this one and then attach it to the corner of the room you want to monitor.

5. Prices are relatively affordable    

The fifth advantage of this type of CCTV camera is the relatively affordable purchase price. Yes, the price of this CCTV Dome is indeed varied so it can adjust to your budget

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