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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment in Bandar Lampung

Selling Low Price Safety Equipment / Safety Tools

Buy safety equipment / safety equipment at low prices such as shoes, gloves, glasses, helmets, safety vests from the best brands Master Lock, Cheetah, Cig, Ansell, Kings, Jogger, 3M, Msa, Uvex, Blue Eagle and others from suppliers / distrbutor the cheapest, most complete and largest variety of safety equipment in Indonesia. All types of work safety equipment can be obtained directly from various suppliers or importers who sell quality products for security equipment and equipment while working. Because when working in factories, workshops and mining work areas and certain projects that require workers to use safety equipment to avoid and reduce the risk of accidents during work. So for you workers or to fulfill the procurement needs of goods for the company, immediately make a request to buy all types of safety equipment from suppliers and distributors in


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Price of the Latest Cheap Safety Equipment from Suppliers in Indonesia

Find a variety of work safety tools a variety of choices from the best brands with diverse functions for work security. To find a price that matches the products you are looking for and also for comparison you can see the latest price list of the types of safety equipment below. For the estimated retail price below this is a price that can change at any time, so make sure before you buy, you can immediately submit the latest, most updated price offer from suppliers and distributors in through this page for RFQ requests.

Safety Equipment Types Brands Estimated Price
Safety Shoes Krisbow Rp. 479,000
Safety Gloves Krisbow Rp. 85,900
Safety Vest 3M Rp. 230,000
Life Jacket Krisbow Rp. 420,000
Safety Glasses Kings Rp. 54,900
Ear Protector Honeywell Rp. 259,000
Face Shield Krisbow Rp. 269,000
Welding Glasses Krisbow Rp. 99,900
Body Harness Krisbow Rp. 769,000
Helm Safety MSA Rp. 159,000
Respiratory Mask Krisbow Rp. 23,900

Buy Safety Equipment for Work Safety from Distributors / Suppliers and Importers

To get the best safety equipment product according to the criteria you are looking for, before deciding to shop at a work safety equipment store at a more expensive price and possibly the item you want to buy does not exist. You should just shop for all product needs only in, because here you will get a lot of different types of work safety equipment for mining and construction project workers such as project helmets, safety shoes, vests, body harnesses and more you can get with wholesale prices directly from trusted sellers from all over Indonesia in

Type of PPE / Personal Protective Equipment for Project and Factory Workers

Occupational safety equipment or also often called a personal protective device (PPE) is the name of the designation used for various types of safety devices that are used to reduce and avoid dangerous risks in work. What are the types of personal protective equipment used for work safety equipment, the following types:

  • Head Protective Equipment
  • Eye Protection Equipment
  • Face Shields
  • Ear Protector
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Foot Protection
  • Hand Protective Equipment
  • Protective Clothing
  • Seat Belts

Of the various types of APD above, it is part of the part of the risk control system due to accidents at work both in construction, mining and all types of work inside and outside the factory / industry.

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