Cement Molen Capacity 50 Kg

Rp 12.740.000
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Product Specification Cement Molen Capacity 50 Kg

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Concrete and Cement Mixers

CV. BAJASP produces cement mixing machines Molen, as a speed support tool in the construction of apartments, housing and road hardening, as well as various types of development.
cement mixer is a portable tool so that it is easy to operate by anyone.
with the deisel engine 8 hp makes this tool efficient in power.

spekfikasi molen semen:
1. hollo pipe size 100 mm X 3 mm
2. 3 mm plate iron
3 tube diameters of 800 mm
4. 350 mm diameter wheel

5 Deactivator 8 cellphone.

6. Equipped with Bearings make the rotation light and durable.


With the ability to process 50 kg of cement once, making the work quickly and easily resolved.

it is equipped with a strong propeller and is resistant to corrosion, making it durable and cost effective.

Immediately get this tool in our inaugural period ...

We also serve Molen engine parts.

Why buy from us:

1. Use new and quality materials
2. The gears are made of selected materials FCD and SC45
3. Fine workmanship is pleasing to the eye
4. Quality guaranteed
5. Accuracy in delivery.
6. Low price and quality.
7. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Immediately contact us ... let's grow and develop together.

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Pertukangan, Pompa, Alat Dapur, Scaffolding, Bola Mill
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We sell
roda lory,steel ball,cylpebs,roda crane hoist,Autopart mobil,grinding ball
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CV.Baja Sp is a Manufacturer Tools. Our company makes high quality products with strict control, resulting in a product that promotes quality.We also serve any form of orders made with quality cast FC, FCD, STEEL, STEEL MANGAN which use furnace indakto and spectrumas an example of heavy equipment parts, grinding ball, cylpebs, stainless ball, wheel lory,hoist wheelNow with die casting technology system product yields smoother and faster in progress, so, able to meet the target time that is given to us. CV.BAJASP innovations in the era of globalization has been working with government and private agencies as well as various other agencies. trust is for us a decent quality we provide to consumers. with the principle of honesty and mutual trust cvbajasp keep trying to realize their future goals of the nation in creating a quality product at a low price, so as to compete with foreign products. thank you for the trust that has been given to CV.BAJASP GROUP WELCOME TO JOIN CV.BAJASP LET'S GROWING AND GROWING TOGETHER
Menjadi perusahaan lokal yang berkompeten baik dari segi sumber daya manusia dan peralatan,serta fasilatas pendukung lainya
Menjadi perusahaan lokal yang berkompeten baik dari segi sumber daya manusia dan peralatan,serta fasilatas pendukung lainya

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