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CV Arta Mandiri

Medan, Sumatera Utara
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Plastik Wrap Plastik Wrapping Freshfood 30 Cm

Freshfood Wrapping Plastic Wrapping 30 CmFreshfood Wrapping Plastic Wrapping 30 Cm

Rp 120.000
02 May 2023
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Plastik Cling Wrap Size 30M X 30Cm

Plastic Cling Wrap Size 30M X 30CmPlastic Cling Wrap Size 30M X 30Cm

16 Mar 2023
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Company Profile
Establishment Year
Jl. Timur Baru No.7 H, Medan, Medan, Sumatera Utara
Number of employees
27 People
Company Field
Stretch Film Double " F ", Kertas, Sarung Tangan, Plastik Wrapping Fressshfood, Fressshfood
We Sell
Plastik Cling Wrap, Bahan Packing Makanan dan Agro, Kemasan Film dan Foil, Kertas, Produk Plastik, Perlengkapan Kasir
CV. Arta Mandiri is a company located in Medan City - North Sumatera and established since 1996, where in the beginning distributed Product Food Packaging with target customers HORECA, Hospital, Supermarket and Food industry. Over time running, precisely in 2004 we started to add New Division of Paper & Office Needs. In the year 2009 up to now we are given the trust as the sole agent of North Sumatra and Aceh region to distribute Paper Roll product (HVS, NCR, Thermal) and Countinuous Form with Brand Batavia.In Year 2012 we started to import Plastic Cling Wrap or commonly called Plastic Wrapping Film for food wrapping.With strong support from the Principal, then we can distribute quality products - products that are quite competitive. Our basic principle is to improve the quality to grow. Therefore we always and continuously improve the cooperation and mutual understanding between the Principal and the customer. We believe by giving and getting continuous support, we can together grow and develop. Vision and mission : - We have a strong commitment to always Priority to customer satisfaction. - Prioritize the timeliness in terms of goods distribution.
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CV Arta Mandiri
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