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Kab. Garut, Jawa Barat
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Mesin Aspal Matest Italy Drilling Test
Matest Italy Drilling Test Asphalt MachineMatest Italy Drilling Test Asphalt Machine
Rp 15.800.000
Matest Italy
02 May 2023
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Establishment Year
Kab. Garut, Jawa Barat
Number of employees
3 People
Company Field
Compresion Machine, aggregate, Concrate, Soil, Load Cell
We Sell
alat laboratorium aspal, alat uji mektan, alat uji soil, Kalibrasi Alat Ukur
Cv. Arifinindo Karya Mandiri Supplier, Distributor, and at the same time importer of Quality Control equipment for the needs of road, bridge, and building construction equipment. We are experienced in procuring soil mechanics equipment, concrete, asphalt, rock, etc. For project procurement in universities, contractors, consultants, government and private sector and other civil engineering constructions, specifically for quality equipment, civil engineering laboratory equipment, was established to meet market demand for quality equipment, both laboratory and field equipment so that it can extend the life use construction construction. Entrust your laboratory equipment needs to us, with the best quality and competitive prices. We will always try to always provide our best service in procurement services, We can accept Repair, Accredited Calibration (KAN) & Training for testing laboratories for civil works..
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CV. Arifinindo Karya Mandiri
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