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Lab Supplies

Lab Supplies in Indonesia

Laboratory equipment are the objects used in the activity in the laboratory that can be used repeatedly. Equipment in the laboratory based on the materials used, including tools from gelas2, from logam3 tool, a tool of plastik4, tools from other materials such as test tube brush of fibers, cork and mortar of porcelain.

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PT. Ariga Global Utama

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1 Year
Response Rate 100%
Hanger Bearing Bolt
Hanger Bearing
Roda Lorry

PT Multi Indojaya Makmur

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4 Year
Response Rate 100%
Conveyor Grafity
DIJUAL Tank Stainless Steel 304
Kran Air Otomatis (Scrub Sink)

PT. Ariga Yutama

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1 Year
Response Rate 100%
Worm Screw
Retort Tubing
Bunsen Burners

PT. Mitra Sarana Instrumentasi

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3 Year
Response Rate 100%
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Timbangan Analitik
pH meter Mettler Toledo S2 standard kit