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Anemometer's Funtions

The function of the anemometer is to measure wind speed, but this tool also has other functions as follows:

  1. Measuring the level of wind speed
  2. Estimating the weather the next day
  3. Estimating sea wave height / magnitude for fishermen
  4. Estimating the speed of ocean currents that can be utilized while sailing
  5. Estimating the direction of ocean currents
  6. Knowing the amount of wind pressure.

How Anemometer Works

For the workings of this anemometer is very unique, because each type of anemometer has a different way of working. Anemometer Bowl works by the length of the rotation (circumference) multiplied by the number of turns generated from the wind blown divided by the unit of time, from which the results are then recorded by a recording machine on the device.

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