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Fire Alarm

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Buy fire alarms / fire sirens at cheap prices for Hong Chang brands, Nittan, Notifier, Hooseki, Demco, Simplex, Hochiki, Honeywell and others buy directly from suppliers, distributors in Indonesia. Get a variety of functions from this fire alarm for insignia or danger signs of a fire in a building or house. Get various types of fire sirens such as heat detectors, fix temperatures, smoke detectors, flame detectors and gas detectors, each of which has a different function or sensor. Shop for fire alarms right now to get the lowest price from all fire extinguisher sellers only in

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The Cheapest and Best Fire Alarm Price

If you want to buy equipment for fire prevention or fire fighting equipment for your company or business, before shopping for the products you should be able to see and collect the cheapest price estimate information from the supplier and distributors who sell the items you are looking for. To get this information you can immediately see a list of estimated alarm prices / fire sirens below. But for this price, it can change at any time, to get the most recent information you can immediately submit a request for an alarm price quote from the seller in Indotrading directly.

Fire Alarm Brands Estimated Price
Hong Chang Rp. 155,000
Nittan Rp. 285,000
Notifier Rp. 311,000
Hooseki Rp. 50,200
Demco Rp. 146,000
Honeywell Rp. 365,000

Fire Alarm Type Based on the Sensor

What are the types of alarms for fire? And how do fire alarms work? Based on the type and workings of the alarm used to give a loud signal or signal this is divided into five types and has different ways of working based on the sensors installed in the alarm. The following are the types of sensors on a fire fighting alarm system that can be installed in various indor places, outdoor in homes and buildings.

Alarm Type How the Alarm Works
Smoke Detector How it works when smoke is detected by the sensor with smoke in the room, the sensor then the alarm will sound.
Heat Detector How this type of sensor works will detect the heat pressure in the room, the alarm will sound.
Flame Detector How this sensor works will detect the presence of ultraviolet radiation in the room so the alarm will sound.
Gas Detector How it works if the sensor detects a dangerous gas leak in the room, the alarm will sound, because it can cause a fire.
Fix Temperature How it works when the sensor detects a very high temperature pressure in the room, the alarm will sound. Suitable to be installed in a generator or engine room.

Buy Fire Alarms / Sirens from Suppliers / Distributors in Indonesia

Immediately shop directly from suppliers and distributors as well as importers in from all suppliers of fire alarm companies or complete and cheapest fire extinguishers for various business and business needs. And also for your company's needs, because shopping for products from suppliers and importers will generally get a cheaper price because of the wholesale or retail price system at the lowest price. If you are shopping for business needs, you can directly contact the company directly in to directly apply for goods from suppliers who need quality firefighting equipment and have been tested by Indonesian national standards.

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New Product Fire Alarm

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