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CV Ahnaf Media

Salatiga, Jawa Tengah
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Service Category
Inhouse Workshop Branding
11 Aug 2022
Inhouse Workshop Branding
Business Strategy Training
Provide training and understanding of all aspects of Branding Strategy to the company's internal team so that the branding process runs with complemen...
CSR Development Program
11 Aug 2022
CSR Development Program
Services Management Procedures and Environmental Monitoring
Building a new CSR program to increase social and environmental contributions for Brands and Companies to the Community, as well as increasing the cre...
Brand Visual Identity
11 Aug 2022
Brand Visual Identity
Design Services for Promotion Material
Creating Brand Visual Identity through Brand Blueprint data processing so as to create works of character according to original and authentic brand va...
Brand Landscape Analyst
11 Aug 2022
Brand Landscape Analyst
Operational Consultant Services
Finding the right market for the Brand, finding new ideas that can be used into branding strategies and analyzing the brand structure that is not yet ...
Brand Blueprint Strategy
11 Aug 2022
Brand Blueprint Strategy
Operational Consultant Services
Formulate and analyze to find the right Market Positioning, Product Positioning, Brand Positioning and Brand Personality to create strong market diffe...
Company Profile
Establishment Year
Salatiga, Jawa Tengah
Number of employees
10 People
Company Field
Inhouse Workshop & Training, Development Program, Branding Program
We Sell
Jasa Branding, Konsultan Brand, Pelatihan Branding, Agen Iklan, Desainer Grafis, Konsultan Bisnis
Ahnaf Media is a Branding and Creative Digital Agency that has been established since 2015 and has handled many clients from the corporate or SME class. Every project we receive is carried out and led by professionals who have more than 10 years of experience. Our expertise includes: 1. Brand Landscape Analyst 2. Brand Blueprint Strategy 3. Brand Identity Development 4. Brand Activation Strategy 5. Product Photo & Video 6. Inhouse Workshop & Training Branding 7. Holistic Branding Program 8 CSR Developing Program 9. Copywriting Analyst & Strategy 10. Brand Content Management 11. Brand Consultation 12. CX Developing Program
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  • Lorin Hotel & Resort, Surakarta (Company Profile).
  • Banyumili Resto, Salatiga (Product Photography).
  • Kayu Arum Spa & Resort, Salatiga (Company Profile).
  • Laras Asri Resort & Spa, Salatiga (Company Profile).
  • Malioboro Resto, Solo Baru (Product Photography).
  • Ciptaloka. com (Copywriting Strategy).
  • Olshera. com (Copywriting Strategy).
  • PT. Vivo Mobile Indonesia, Jakarta (Digital Ads Strategy).
  • Bola. net (Copywriting Strategy).
  • Max Fashion, Jakarta (Konsultasi Marketing & Iklan).
  • Yayasan Jajar Islamic Center, Surakarta (Company Profile).
  • PT. Zafira Mitra Medina, Yogyakarta (Brand Identity).
  • Lavia Herbal, Bandung (Product Branding)
  • Mbok Bebek Resto, Salatiga (Product Branding)
  • De' Lusious Cake & Pastry, Klaten (Brand Logo Kit)
  • PT. Padang Asli Food Sejahtera, Magelang (Brand Content Manajemen)
  • Jahe Merah Sahara, Salatiga (Packaging Design)
  • Griya Herbal, Salatiga (Packaging Design)
  • Waroeng Faris, Tokyo, Japan (Brand Content & Katalog)
  • Amartha View Apartment, Semarang (Company Profile)
  • Triangle Resort, Salatiga (Resort Branding)
  • Pendjawi Developer Property, Semarang (Corporate Branding)
  • Ambiance Du Monde French (Product Photography)
  • Laxholm Furniture Denmark (Product Photography and videography, Company Profile, Product Catalog)
  • Nielsen Furniture Denmark (Product Photography)
  • NVI Furniture and Craft Singapore (Product Photography)
  • Haba Furniture China (Product Photography)
  • PT. Lina Megatex, Surabaya (Brand Consultation)
  • And more temporary clients......
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