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PT. Adona Logistics

Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta
Tax Status: Non PKP
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Service Category
28 Jan 2016
No Category
Spesifikasi Jasa : Melayani Pengiriman Barang Via Darat, Laut Dan Udara Data Yang Diperlukan : Nama Barang. Jumlah Barang. Tempat Peng...
Customs Clearance
28 Jan 2016
Customs Clearance
International Freight Services
Spesifikasi Jasa  : Proses Pengeluaran Barang Diarea Bea Dan Cukai Baik Import Melalui Laut Maupun Udara. Data Yang Diperlukan : Bl ...
Door To Door Service
28 Jan 2016
Door To Door Service
International Freight Services
Spesifikasi Jasa : Jasa Transportasi Impor Dimana Telah Mencakup Dalam Satu Keseluruhan (All In), Seperti : Pengambilan Barang Dari Ship...
Under Name
28 Jan 2016
Under Name
Freight Forwarder
Spesifikasi Jasa :  Peminjaman Perusahaan Untuk Import Barang Data Yang Diperlukan : Nama Barang. Jumlah Barang. Hs Code (Bm)
Company Profile
Establishment Year
JL Pemuda No 291 H Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta
Number of employees
0 People
Company Field
We Sell
Jasa Cargo, Jasa Pengiriman Domestik, Under Name, Transportasi, Customs Clearance, Door to Door
PT. Adona Logistics Is A Cargo Services Company, Which Has A Network Of Business Partners In Almost All Regions Of Indonesia And Around The World. With The Support Of The Human Resources (Hr) Is Responsible, Experienced And Nimble, We Can Provide The Best Service To Determine The Most Efficient Delivery Of Goods At Competitive Prices Both Domestically And Internationally. Vision And Mission: Provide The Best Services And Become A Trusted Partner To Rely On. Services: - Door To Door Service - Customs Clearance - Under Name - Transportation
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PT. Adona Logistics
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