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PT Adev Natural Indonesia
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Maklon Kosmetik
16 Nov 2021
Maklon Kosmetik
Production Consultant Services
Toll manufacturing of skincarecompany service is a business opportunity for those of you who have a business using cosmetic products. This type of tol...
Maklon Sabun
16 Nov 2021
Maklon Sabun
Production Consultant Services
Toll manufacturing of soapprovided by maklon company for cosmetics and soap business is proven to provide a lot of convenience for its users.Maklon se...
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maklon sabun,maklon kosmetik,maklon skincare,maklon hair product,maklon lip product

Cosmetic and soap makloon (toll manufacturing) company, PT ADEV Natural Indonesia (PT ANI) was established in Bogor City on January 15, 2007. This soap and cosmetics company serving the customer of soap and cosmetics by using a makloon system. Customers can his/her own products with their own brand (private label service) and PT ANI company will provide them the products. This business opportunity is suitable for business owners of beauty and spa clinics, MLM companies, hotel managers and or private companies. Production and maintenance affairs of production employees are no longer a problem by using our toll manufacturing services. Call our CS Didah Mursidah email mursidahd@gmail.com / didah@adevnatural.com BB 587787C9 HP 0812 8129 6139

Founder of PT. ANI are Prof. Dr. Ir. Erliza Hambali, MSc and Dr.Ir. Ani Suryani, DEA, they are researchers / scientists and lecturers at the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) as well as entrepreneurs. The initial idea of ​​the establishment of this company came from Prof. encouragement. Dr. Ir. Erliza Hambali, MSc and Dr.Ir. Ani Suryani, DEA to empower IPB graduate students to become entrepreneurs in the field of cosmetics.

The company is run and applied from laboratory experiments to commercial business scale so that the company is required to apply an effective and efficient process in increasing the production scale. Besides it also found the challenge of different conditions, where the formulation obtained in the laboratory scale is not always applicable on a business scale.

PT ANI's development effort is continuously improving quality continuously through the application of new innovation and breakthrough findings in various ways, such as opening maklon for the beginning and then building the product for its own brand then forming a distribution network that is expected to absorb the product optimally.PT ADEV NATURAL INDONESIA's future target is to focus on retail and trading for cosmetics and personal care, hotel bathing, salon and spa and MLM. In addition, the company is targeting local and foreign markets in several potential countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia (ASIA), France, Canada, UK (Europe) and America (US).The products developed by PT ADEV NATURAL INDONESIA focus more on natural and natural based cosmetics and personal care products, with medium and upper market tendencies that are very concerned about the health and climate change of the world, natural and natural products also have a tendency to secure against Human health.Support and trust given by consumers and business partners to PT ADEV NATURAL INDONESIA is a reward and trust for the company to always grow and be able to provide the widest benefits.
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Menjadi Pabrik Kosmetik Bermutu, Unggul, Terlengkap dan Bermanfaat Bagi Masyarakat Serta Lingkungan
Membuat produk kosmetik yang di atas standar BPOM, QC yang optimal. Berkomitmen untuk menggunakan bahan kosmetik yang halal dan legal. Merespon positif dan cepat tanggap atas segala permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh konsumen.
jasa maklon kosmetik, jasa maklon sabun, jasa maklon skincare, jasa maklon cream wajah
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